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Are you making one of the 9 deadly brand sins?

There are “triggers” that drain the life out of your business and make you:

• forfeit your power to your competition...
• prevent you thinking from your business materials suck...
• letting your team walk all over you...
• to live in an info-dependence cycle of confusion!

Learn the MOST IMPORTANT STRATEGY you MUST have in place!

15 Mistakes that Kill Business Success

Owning a business is one of the powerful keys to the kingdom of independence—if you do it well. Trouble is most don't.

7 Brand Secrets

Apply the seven simple brand-building strategies to your business today...for Free! Listen and learn...

9 Deadly Brand Sins

Discover the nine most common “triggers” that drain the life out of your business, and the MOST IMPORTANT STRATEGY you MUST have in place to fix it! Learn them all from nine videos under 3 minutes each!

First of all, I feel much more confident as a business owner. I have a much clearer idea of what to do when and how to plan for the future. So much of my energy used to be taken up with feeling unsure about my next move, but that's not the case anymore. That's directly related to my working with Vito.With regard to my actual business itself, there's no way that I could've setup the online school without the BrandU team's hard work and patience. I have to say I'm proud of my new site and the learning management system Fortuigence now has. To tell the truth, I used to be embarrassed by my websites, and I'm happy to say that's no longer the case at all. The sky's the limit for Fortuigence.

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Owning a business is one of the powerful keys to the kingdom of independence—if you do it well. The trouble is, it’s hard.We start with getting your head and your heart in alignment through a process so that you don’t get in your own way—now and as your business grows. Our process dives into the very core idea of your business and guides you to define its very DNA.

Your business comes to life as a fully developed brand complete with your business name, tagline, logo direction and all the snappy dressings to convert your brand into money...for life.


Brand Power from BrandU

Whether you’re a new business owner with a new idea, or you have an existing business with an idea you’ve been trying to get off the ground for years; whether you’re a solo entrepreneur working at home, or looking for a reliable way to transition from the corporate world to the freedom and power of being in your own business—you’ll discover process-based, results-driven steps to attract more clarity into your life, know exactly where you’re heading and how to get there, make more money, and delight in the excitement and creativity of developing a real, money-making, sustainable business.

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The Process

For over thirty years, BrandU® co-founder W. Vito Montone has been had an exceptional career. He has raised Fortune 500 stock values, caused bidding war on a feature film and drew 1.4 million website visitors from 95 countries in just 30 days. He's learned how to develop the best creative you can truly own and execute nearly any type of business and product.  He wants to share the core of that process with you.

Entrepreneur-tested complete process for creating, leading and expanding a reliably profitable brand

Typically business owners are asked to spend $10's of thousands of dollars to create and develop their brand. Why? Because a marketer, consultant or agency personnel has been trained in the creative arts and the owner has not. Vito learned at Disney that creativity is process that anyone can learn if shown well. Brand Power has shown thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers how. Now the process is moving online using college-grade training system you can use anytime on any device, complete with video, instruction and assignments to guide you to create your brand's DNA and all the marketing communication you'll ever need.