After working on multi-million dollar brand campaigns from the ad agency side and the client side, in 2003 BrandU® was started by Kim Castle and W. Vito Montone. Why?  To give the power of brand communication that they developed for large scale brands to entrepreneurs, startups, and closely-held business owners.

They knew by going through the brand creation process, these deeply caring, big-visioned business owners could grow with the truest form of power in their business, in the market,  and...ultimately their lives.

After serving 30,000+ people, Kim and Vito took a break from BrandU® to relaunch their creative strategy agency and renew their own creative juices. With many thousands of requests and visitors to their namesake website, they realized business owners need this power today more than ever. And so...BrandU®, the first do-it-yourself process for brand creation. brand integrity and brand ownership is coming back in a whole new way.