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“Completely Fear Free”

“After going through your Clearing the Path fear transformation process with the workbook and the CDs, I am FINALLY able to face my fears fully and conquer them so I am fear free! I no longer feel afraid, as this program has become a part of my every thought that automatically conquers my fears. I recommend this program to everyone, even those who do not think they have fears!It will change your life forever!” —Heather Harrington, President, Vitalan, Inc, Chicago, IL

“You Might Just Put Me Out of a Job”

“Kim Castle has created a masterful five-step process to release fear by instantly pulling out the ‘weeds’ of subconscious beliefs that choke us back. While the CD works powerfully on the subconscious, the workbook guides the conscious mind to work with the subconscious in a healing adventure that amounts to a year of psychotherapy. You might just put me out of a job.” —Jane Ellen Plotkin MFT, CHT

“After Struggling for Five Years, I Wrote
My Book in Just Six Weeks”

“As a popular television intuitive, I’m able to connect people with loved ones they’ve lost and guide them to make the best decisions for their future. However when it came to getting my first book written I was completely stuck for nearly five years. Kim nailed my fears and showed me a clear way to remove them and Unleash the Psychic In You was written and produced easily in just six weeks! Thanks to Kim’s uncanny ability to expose the invisible, I’m changing lives and growing my business beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed about.”—Joanna Garzilli , AmericasIntuitionCoach.com

“The Process Is So Effective Yet So Simple”

“I have done many other fear techniques and was surprised that this was so effective considering how simple it was.

As we were launching our Do-It-Yourself Healing website, we made our first big investment by taking a BrandU course. To my surprise the first step was not about our logo, but about how to get rid of fears that were blocking our vision of success.

The tools and methods in our Do-It-Yourself Healing course are based on what I learned as I healed from my own personal traumas. As I started to go public with the materials, all the fears related to the abuse I had suffered came up as well as fears about how people would react to my message and story. Kim’s fear process in Clearing the Path was invaluable.

First I used Kim’s fear processing method to clear the obvious fears that kept me up at night. As those big fears subsided, I used the method whenever I was procrastinating—since the root of my procrastination was usually fear! We now recommend Clearing the Pathto all our clients.” —Joyce Welsh, Do-It-Yourself Healing

 “A Big Rock Was Relieved Off My Chest.”

“Kim helped me to totally get rid of the fears I had which were holding me back.  It felt like a big rock was relieved off my chest.  Over the course of my professional career of 20+ years I have attended many seminars and workshops.  Not once in all of those experiences did I receive such valuable and powerful information that actually stuck with me from the moment it was shared and everyday thereafter, and is something that I now apply everyday.  I recommend this to anyone!” —Kimberley Lewis Johnson, Sorority Factor

“Fear Dissipated Instantly”

“Your Clearing the Path fear process helped me release the fears I had about branding. All of the emotion of the fear dissipated instantly. I was so thrilled with it, I want to incorporate something similar in my animal intuitive training, as I find fears often creep up and immobilize my students.” —Lynn McKenzie, AnimalEnergy


“Walked Away With a Map for the Next 10 Years.”

“Jumping into the Private Power Path program with Kim and Vito was a huge leap of faith for me. I had just spent thousands of dollars on business development programs that left me standing at square one—without a plan or tangible results, and a whole lot poorer.

Working with Kim and Vito one on one is like working with two master puppeteers. They have uncanny insight into what needs to happen and how to get you to see what you don’t yet know you want for yourself. I feel very fortunate to have been able to experience the process with Kim’s laser intuition and Vito’s no-holds barred business genius guiding me every step of the way.

After years of going in circles trying to a) understand my vision and b) make it a reality, I walked away after an intensive 4 weeks with a map for the next 10 years and an empire infrastructure that consists of not one, but FOUR companies each with multiple divisions. A business bigger and savvier than I could have ever dreamed of for myself.  I can’t wait to watch it unfold!” —Lisa Lavoie, Vitasential, Ottawa, Ontario


“More Business This Year Than the Past Five Years Combined and I’m Happier Than Ever.”

“I’ve been photographing high profile celebrities and VIP’s for magazines for years.  Behind the camera I’m in my element bringing out people’s uniqueness, power, and beauty.  But behind my business I was a mess and I didn’t know why.  Kim showed me how the fears I had were getting in my way without me even realizing it.  Clearing the Path showed me how to identify andremove each invisible block then turn them around to actually work for me.  I now have a tangible process to take me out of the spin I have been in.  I have been chasing success for 10 years.  I’ve had more business this year than the past five years combined and I’m happier than ever.  My business and my life are completely changed.” —Lesley Bohm, Los Angeles, Celebrity Photographer


“Now I’m actually making my empire dream come true.”

“Once in a while you meet someone whose clarity and integrity oozes out of them.  Kim is one of those people. She totally rocks! I worked with her to turn the big ideas I had for my business into an even bigger reality as a brand.  I hit right up against fears—ones that I didn’t even know were preventing me from really “going for it!”  With Kim’s loving guidance through her fear transformation process, I can honestly say those fears are completely gone forever and can whip out the process anytime a new one pops up.  Now I’m actually making my empire dream come true.” —Sandy Grason, Author Journalution, www.SandyGrason.com


“We got more clarity of our business future working with BrandU and we’re only half way through Power Path.”

“We went through all of the programs of IBI, CEO Space, and a solid year of business coaching. We got more clarity of our business future working with you and we’re only half way through Power Path. That’s only four lessons!” —Steve & Celia Kirshenbaum, Beyond Tutoring, Parkland, FL


“I Have A New Vision For My Company.”

“I’ve gotten so much out of the Power Path processes.  The main thing that inspires me and excites me is that I have a new vision for my company. It’s bigger than it’s ever been. I encourage everyone to participate in this program. You will not regret it. I’ve done tons of personal development work and I’ve gotten so much out of this, it’s so worth it.”—Tracey James, Founder, Women in Prosperity, Los Angeles, CA


“Fear Goes Away in Seconds”

“When I first started my brand-new business, I was on a roller coaster one day saying, “I can do this.  I know enough,” and the next day saying, “No, I can’t do this.” “Yes, I can.” “No, I can’t.” Addressing those fears was a big issue before I started working with you. I still have some of those fears, but now I identify them and get rid of it right away with the fear transformation process. And the fear goes away in seconds, versus a whole day, and now I move forward full-speed ahead, in creating a business so big that I never thought it was possible. This process has made an amazing difference in how I approach my business forever.”—Carol Margolis, SmartWomenTravelers.com


“Brand Power gave me a structure to be able to instantly articulate my business essence to anyone in any moment, for any reason and instantly craft a 30 second elevator speech that was so powerful.”

“Prior to taking Brand Power, I knew the “reason for being” for my government contracting company. Having taken Brand Power, that experience holds more power than even I realized.

I found myself on the phone with our current teaming partner in preparation for our 2010 contract – starting in 9/09.  This guy was much more senior than the people I was used to dealing with and I had heard rumors that some of the lower level people had concerns about our pricing (too high).  I told him that we are in business to provide innovative solutions (deliverable); but we are driven to ensure that clients never lose intellectual capital due to a misguided and uninformed contracting office.  This guy was SOLD on our company and instantly started creating ideas and other opportunities for us to work together.

Brand Power gave me a structure to be able to instantly articulate that essence to anyone in any moment, for any reason.

What I am trying to tell you is that I am a raving fan and that there is a power BEYOND the power of a brand that lies in the structure of Unified Conscious Development (UCD).  That framework gave me the ability to instantly craft a 30 second elevator speech that was so powerful that it moved this guy off his agenda (to play hardball) and into immediate unity with me.  I can’t thank you enough!” —Lorraine Costello, Coronado, CA


“Thanks to The Immense Clarity I Surpassed One Million Dollars”

“After going through your processes, I no longer compare myself to anyone else. Thanks to the immense clarity I have gained in my business with BrandU,I’ve been able to surpass one million dollars this year!”—Ali Brown, Ali International


“Knowledge Worth $750,000.”

“With what you taught me in Brand Power and what I walk away with,I would gladly have paid $750,000.” —Amirah Hall, San Diego, CA, SoulMystic.com


“We Had Our Best Income Year Ever”

“After going through the BrandU process, we had our best income year ever in our business.  We were able to buy and move to our dream home way ahead of schedule!”—Ann and Jim Scarborough, Coldwell Banker, Santa Barbara, CA


“I Made All My Money Back in 90 Days”

“I doubled my sales, and made all my money back in 90 days, after developing my brand using the BrandU process.  My customers were able to connect, feel comfortable and order my CDs and eBooks with ease and trust.  The process was a home run for my business!”—Ari Galper, Unlock The Game, Sydney, Austrialia


“Kim And Vito Are An Amazing Force Of Nature!

“Not only did I build a powerful brand, I solidified the vision and passion behind my business.  I see the structure and future potential.  Kim and Vito are an amazing force of nature!”  —Carole Hodges, The YES Connection, Los Angeles, CA


“Step Into Your Power And Accelerate Business Success!”

“Brand Power is an amazing process that takes building a strong brand into a step by step process. The program allows you to create the space for you to step into your power and accelerate business success!” —Carolyn Huff, Anderson, SC


“I’m Leaving With A New Business Identity.”

“I came to the intensive with an existing business that needed to expand to fit my vision. I’m leaving with a new business identity that speaks to customers from my heart.” —Danielle Chonody, Protecting Fido, Euless, TX


“Great Focus and Clarity For a Brand New Business.”

“I gained enormous insight into the systematic creation of a brand for our new business—how rewarding! It gave us great focus and clarity for taking our business forward.” —Dave Keyston, The Luminous Factor, Carmel, CA


“I’d Definitely Go to BrandU.”

If you know where you want to go but you’re confused inside about how to get there, then I’d definitely go to BrandU.—David Greene, Focus Marketing, Centerville, OH

“Timeless and Priceless.”

“The Brandu Brand Power process with Kim and Vito was an incredible 4-day transformational journey.  It was both timeless and priceless!  I moved from passion with fuzziness about my new-forming business…to an amazing clarity… to the birth of my new brand!  I wholeheartedly recommend this process to you, whatever your business may be…whenever you are ready to give yourself the gift of the guidance and support of this dynamic duo. —Mary Denaro, Clear Soul Connection – Live Your Sparkle!™, Nieuwkoop, Netherlands.

“BrandU Changed My Whole Perception.”

“BrandU changed the way I perceive my business, my self-image and my life.”—Deborah Deras, Fairview Heights, CA

“Immediate Tools to Create Momentum.”

It gives me immediate tools to create momentum in my visibility.—Esther Jantzen, Jantzen Books, Inc., Pomona, CA

“Results Better Then I Could Have Ever Imagined.”

“Kim and Vito and the whole BrandU process has taught me what it really means to build your business big from the start.  And then you grow into it.  The magic really happens when you’re going through the processes.  When you trust them to guide you everything become so much clearer. The results we came to are better then I could have ever imagined.  My original business name was too small, even though I didn’t know it.  I found it out going through the process.  I came out the other end with a name, a tagline, and marketing statement that now represents my full business possibility.  It has given me extreme clarity.  It helps me make decisions on what I do and don’t do.   Kim and Vito have put so much work into this amazing program.” —Geoffrey Fullerton, Expressive Fusion, Toronto Canada

“You Saved Me Months Of Precious Time”

“As a result of going through your branding process, I now have powerful communication tools for a confident launch of my brand new business. Without any doubt, you saved me months of precious time that otherwise I would have frittered away on frustrating trial and error exercises. I wholeheartedly recommend any entrepreneur to take this fascinating journey with Kim and Vito. They have masterfully crafted the ultimate business system affordable to anyone.” —Hans Norden, Founder, Anticipated Outcome, Inc., San Diego, CA

“I’m walking away with a very powerful brand…”

“I walked away with a very powerful brand… This process is great for focus, great for really knowing exactly what you do.”—Jill Place, Magical Changes Unlimited

“Your Process Breathed New Life Into Our Business.”

“The BrandU process breathed new life into our look that spilled into our entire operation’s attitude and perception of who we are, as well as all our relationships.”—John Lee, CEO, Entertainment Business Group

 I’m Now Pin-Point Laser Sharp Clear About My Business”

I had no idea when I decided to dive into a branding program that I would learn so much about what I wanted to do in the world.  I knew on a certain level…but not to the degree that this process allows and encourages you to go through.  I really appreciate the focus.  What I thought I wanted to do was fuzzy.  And now it’s pin-point laser sharp.  It’s because of the way you have your program laid out and the guidance you give us.  I’m so excited. Thank you very much.”—Kara Oh, Dating Success Technology, Santa Barbara CA

 “The Extreme Clarity I Gained Is Absolutely Incredible”

I’ve been to so-called intensives before and they were anything but. Not yours! Your 4-day intensive really pushed me to learn who my business really is. … the power and the extreme clarity I gained out the other side is absolutely incredible. Thanks to you, I’m never giving my business power away ever again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.—Kim Rhodes, Home-based Business Advocate, Los Angeles, CA

“I Gained More Clarity in One Day Than Any Other Course.”

“BrandU should be required education for businesses and entrepreneurs.  I gained more clarity in one day than I’ve gotten in any other course.”—Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Red Hot Copy

 “The Most Important Business Step I’ve Ever Taken”

“As a business owner, I thought that if I had an eye-catching logo, and snazzy phrase, or a unique product, then I could grab the world by its tail.  When I talked about my business it felt like I was talking from my head and not from my heart. Honestly, this was themost important step I have ever taken for my business. Andthings changed immediately.  Not only in how I talked to people but how they respond to me.  Thank you, Kim and Vito.”—Marion Owen, Galley Gourmet, Kodiak Island, Alaska

 “Being Coached Through The Process Was Incredible.”

“Countless lights went off with every step of your process, where other people just dance around them. I have tried to do this myself for several years and got nowhere. Being coached through the process was incredible. It opened my eyes AND gave me a finished brand all at once.”—Marlene Mitchell, Liberty Rings

“Kim & Vito’s Full Attention To Our Success Was Priceless” 

“Experiencing the brilliance of the process combined with the collaboration of Kim and Vito, their full attention to our success in the process, our business, and ultimately life was priceless. Thank you.”  —Meg Rogers, Project Diana, Stuart, FL

“Your Process Anchored Our Goals For Growth.”

“Your process allowed us to crystallize our twenty-year history in such a way that clarifies and anchors our goals for future growth to reach far beyond the physical walls of Agape. I wholeheartedly recommend BrandU to those who are serious about offering their talents and skills through their business—so it can arrive and thrive in full glory.” —Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director Agape International Spiritual Center, teacher in “The Secret

 “Earnings Grew 8 To 9 Times The Industry Average
In Just Five Months”

“We often made losses…but we’ve always been lucky to achieve industry average 2.5% net profits. Just five months after bringing my business through your process…our May net profit is 19% and June is 23%! My team and I have not done anything different except go through your brand creation process. We just gave ourselves fully to the process and somehow, I now have earnings 8 to 9 times industry average!!  WOW!!  THANK YOU BOTH!!” —Paul Booker, Oops! Car Repair, Dorset, United Kingdom

“Each Session Greatly Impacted My Business.”

“My life is going in so many directions right now, with my new books coming out and my consulting business expanding so rapidly. I needed the opportunity to brainstorm directly with expert creative professionals.  Kim, Vito, and BrandU provided me these opportunities and helped me to focus and plan my business more effectively.

Each session with Kim & Vito gave me specific insights that greatly impacted my business plans.  I went in looking for creative ways to expand my marketsand to learn how to utilize some of the newer “techno” tools, but actually received so much more.  I was reminded to understand all of the aspects of my business and got several innovative new ways to communicate with prospective clients to show them how I can help them. Well worth every minute and dollar I spent.” —Ruth Klein The Marketing Time Source, Los Angeles, CA

“Fourth Day, Our New Business, Name And Tagline Were Born!”

“Extremely informative and experiential! Coming in with new business—we weren’t clear on many aspects. First day we delved. Second day I had a melt down. Third day I had a breakthrough. Fourth day, our new busines, name and tagline were born.”—Shelley Whizin, The Luminous Factor, Tuscon, AZ

“My Life And Business Are In Alignement with My Core Purpose”

“The Brand Creation process was emotionally challenging, yet liberating because it chipped away at the debris to unearth the gem that has been my foundation all along! This is my truth! I can definitely say so, and it feels full and complete! You have helped me to fashion my very own compass to make sure the decisions I make in my business and in my life are navigated in alignment with this core purpose.” —Sofia S. Agras, Write All About It, Inc, Santa Monica, CA

“The Process Is So Simple And Yet So Powerful”

“Although we were highly successful life and relationship coaches before going through BrandU, we were scattered in nearly every area of our business.  We had so many different products out… we even had three different business names.  It was confusing!  The BrandU branding process helped us to get clear about what was important to us and our business.  The process is so simple and yet so powerful!  It helped us get extremely clear.  As a result of going through the process we now know what we are all about and are able to clearly articulate it.”—Susie and Otto Collins, Passionate Heart

“Power Of Creativity With Direction And Processes”

“I feel so blessed to have been guided to be here and to spend 4 days together with such amazing people! The synergy and power of creativity with direction and processes of Brand Power are incredible.” —Tina Van Leuven, InnerDelight, Hoofddorp, Netherlands

“I Was Very Skeptical At First.”

“I must confess. I was very skeptical at first based on the promise and the extremely low cost.  You truly exceeded my expectations.  You’re both unlike any other. Now knowing what changed in me and my business, I would have gladly paid $16,000!” —Will Patton, Motion Marketing, San Jose, CA

“I Gained Great Clarity About My Book.”

“Before I participated in the Brand Power intensive, I was stuck, as I tried to finish my book on health care reform.  Thanks to Kim and Vito, I gained great clarity about my book, as well as the perfect title and information I needed to work effectively with graphic designers and copywriters. You can’t miss with the BrandU business building system!”—Karen Duncan, Author, Unconventional Choices for Health Care, San Francisco, CA

“The Most Powerful Process I’ve Ever Done

“I’ve been doing Personal Development and similar workshops for nearly 30 years now.  And I am currently working through Brand Power and this is one of, if not the, most powerful processes I’ve done – and I’ve only just completed Lesson 5.  I was all over the shop with my business ideas and direction and so unable to take the next step to actually make money.  But these first five lessons have given me such simplicity and clarity. It’s so exciting.  Thank you so much.

The work you do on the audio CDs is GREAT.  And the overall presentation of the lessons is as good as I have ever seen. Congratulations, and I am so excited to have made the choice to join you.  Oh—and I’m also doing Power Path stating in a few weeks time. “—Kashonia Carnegie, PHD, KashoniaToday, Queensland, AU

“The Most Powerful Process I’ve Ever Done.”

““Brand Power Home version is one of the wildest rides I’ve ever taken.  When I trusted the process and completed the exercises as they were presented—my business came alive before my very eyes.

The genius of this program may actually lie in the fact that you can’t really see how things are coming together until the final exercise.This process really prevents you from running your old agendas. I know what I do is valuable, but I have always struggled with capturing my uniqueness and then conveying what I do in “people-speak” so that others could see how valuable it was too.

There were so many transformational moments in this do-it- yourself program—but one that really stands out for me was seeing the pieces of the marketing statement exercise come together into a really powerful “people-speak”statement that manages to completely capture the essence of what I do in a way that gets people excited to be a part of it.

Like Power Path before it, the Brand Power process has allowed me to create a more authentic business than I could have ever created on my own. My business is now a living and breathing being. I am completely in love with it and can’t wait to share it with the world.” —Lisa Lavoie, Vitasential, Ottawa, Ontario

“Brand Power is Better Than My MBA.”

“I am convinced of the value of the programs you have designed to help entrepreneurs like me succeed. I spent  three years earning my MBA and nothing I studied came close to having the practical impact on the way I do business that Brand Power is having. “—Jan Whitted,ArtBeatOnline.com, Cambridge, MA

“At the end of 2003 I made the decision to take my business in a new direction and enlisted the help of BrandU to help me on this journey. Using the BrandU program, I have expert help to bring my business to another level. I am still in awe that such talented people as Vito and Kim are partnering with me. I feel so fortunate to have found them. An entrepreneur’s road is a lonely road and I was so tired of trying to guess how to market and brand my business. Now I’ve got two committed people on my team who know exactly how to get me where I want to go. I don’t have to guess anymore. They are putting me on the road to success and what an amazing journey it is!” —Michelle Howe “Howe Write You Are” Business Communications

“The Brand Power program has been invaluable for me in defining what my company is all about. I now have a thorough understanding of what kind of an experience I want my products to provide for customers. BrandU? and the CLIC Track have infused me with a new burst of energy, creating hundreds of new ideas and possibilities.”—Ellen Dostal, Dostal Essentials

“It is such a pleasure to work with people that love what they do and are so good at it. Working with Vito and Kim has been an enlightening process and has raised the bar on all of my business relationships. Thank you for your gift, Vito and Kim!”—Greg Mooers, Life Camp


“It Is An Amazing Process That Truly Unfolds.”

“The BrandU program is very “organic” and flows from the very essence of each individual. It is an amazing process that truly unfolds with two mid-wives!”   —Anita Weeler, Dahlonega, GA

“Actual Business Building Tools”

“I’ve got so much out of this program; I learned so many structures and tools to build my business. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and I’ve had several business that I’ve seen succeed and seen fail quickly but I didn’t have tools and foundation that they are providing here today. I highly, highly recommend every entrepreneur get involved with BrandU!” —Manny Goldman, President, Personal Growth.com, Los Angeles, CA

“A Powerful Marketing Process.”

“In Market Power, Kim and Vito led us through a powerful marketing process that is science-based, clear and easy to use. The best part is, it’s a process I can use over and over for new audiences, new books, and other products.—Karen Duncan, Author, Unconventional Choices for Health Care, San Francisco, CA

“A Powerful Marketing Process.”

“I’ve always looked for ways to expand my knowledge and skills.  A couple of years ago I invested in a marketing course that was very thorough.  I did lots of work and came away with a notebook filled with ideas and strategies. I looked at that notebook the other day. As I read through my notes I was struck by much good work I had done.  But none of it went anywhere – I didn’t have the tools I needed to use it properly. It’s just a notebook that I felt overwhelmed by every time I looked at it.

Contrast that to Market Power. I don’t just have a notebook. I have a living, breathing document that actually works for me. During the course, I compiled the information for my product labels and wrote the copy for my complete website. Done!  Just like you promised. I‘ve drafted an implementation plan. I not only know what pieces are still missing, I know how to take every step. All I need to do is continue working with the tools you have given us, making it better and better each time.”—Jan Whitted, ArtBeatOnline.com, Cambridge, MA

“Impact On My Business Is Priceless.”

“Thank you for BrandU’s Market Power; it was phenomenal. In fact, thank you for Brand Power too! When people ask me when I started my business, I have to pause. There’s the legal start date and thenthere’s the real start date when you and Vito helped me give form, substance, depth and scope to Vivacity.

The impact you have had on my business has been priceless and I am grateful for your mentorship. Thank you!!”—Kate Sanner, Founder, Vivacity, Carroll County, MD

“We Felt As Though  Were Supported By An Army of Experts.”

“The BrandU process not only gave us a grand understanding of how to reach the target, we discovered how to communicate what our film was truly about. We cannot imagine shooting without completing the process first. We felt as though we were supported by an army of experts.”  — Eric Klein, Producer American Reunion, Hollywood, CA

“Hands-on Support Pricless. I Now See Business As Fun”

““I’ve been in my business for over 20 years teaching and leading work shops and developing my curriculum. I knew I needed to grow my business beyond this approach if I was ever going to reach the level of success that I knew was possible.

The biggest challenge that I faced was that I was still trying to do it all alone. I know that, especially when you have a big vision like I did, that nothing like this ever happens alone. You really need to have the right team and the right support.

When I finally found Kim & Vito and BrandU, I really felt like I had a match of people who both could hold the vision for me, had heart, and had the systems down. I found your hands-on support in developing my business priceless. That made all the difference in the world. Doing it together, rather than doing it alone. I know that the people that we choose to work with are so important. You have to feel understood.I had to feel cared about.I had to feel that you were willing to get involved with my business. In the first few instances of our connection, I just instantly felt it and knew it.

I’ve been working with you as a private mentor for over three years and hands down, I am thrilled with calling you part of my team. Before we got started, I didn’t see the business part of business as fun.I’m a people person. One of the gifts that you’ve given me is that I now see business as fun. I feel more and more balanced. The business doesn’t consume me. I have a personal life, all because of the level of organization and the systems that I’m putting in place that have come out of working with you. It’s wonderful to have that freedom.” — Peri Enkin, CreatorsChoice.com, Kailua-Kona, HI!”

“Walked Away With Specific Tools To Use Immediately.”

“I consider myself a marketing expert and really wasn’t sure if this was a good use of my time. BrandU more than surpassed my expectations. I walked away with specific tools I’m going to use immediately.”—Adam Urbanski, Marketing Mentors, Irvine, CA 

“What I Discovered Through This Process Was My Business’ Soul.”

“I came to Brand Power intuitively knowing what my brand was all about and what I discovered through this process was its soul.”—Arina Isaacson, Inspirare, Fairfax, CA

“My Business Increased 50% In Just Five Months”

“My business increased 50% in just five months! My focus is just like a laser now.  The focus and clarity I received…it’s beyond what I could even imagine.” —Elaine Wilson, Gardens By Design, Los Angeles,CA

“My Business Grew 400%!”

“In just two weeks…my business grew 400%!”—Jessica Duquette, In Perfect Order, Topanga, CA

“Thank you so much again for your spectacular seminar. I cannot believe I was able to get so much out of such a short time, although I was completely exhausted after our day. —Deanie Kramer

Kim Castle and BrandU find and deliver brand vision and passion in a powerful, illuminating seminar that shows you how big you really are.”—Ann Convery

“BrandU gives you the tools you need to embark upon your marketing journey.”—Meri Anne Beck-Woods, Odyssey Financial

“BrandU helped me to distill my business essence in a way that confirms my strategic decisions and keep me on track.”—Josef S. Klus, Coach

“The workshop afforded me the opportunity to get in touch with what motivates me and my business. This clarity is invaluable as I go forward creating my mission statement and marketing tools. Well Done!”—Shannita Williams-Alleyne, Creative Soul Media

“BrandU was informative, well organized and fun! Kim is knowledgeable not only about design and branding but business savvy as well. Everything about the day was smart.”—Susan Oslin, Media Angel

“BrandU is a laser approach to a complex process that leaves you feeling (re)inspired, (re)directed, (re)focused and ready to bring your brand mainstream in a huge way! Wow! Thank you BrandU for being the “Miracle Gro” I need to expand and blossom my brand.”—Tami Walsh, Teen Wisdom

“Why Communications turned branding into a holistic expression of the core essence of my motivation for being a Feng Shui Consultant.”—P.K. Odle, The Feng Shui Advantage

“Thank you for leading me through the amazing process of developing my brand. I now have the tools to take my self and my business up a huge notch!”—Deanie Kramer, Divorce Resource, Inc.

“I consider myself a marketing expert and really wasn’t sure if a one day workshop was a good use of my time. Kim Castle and W. Vito Montone more than surpassed my expectations. I walked away with specific tools and a brand statement I’m going to use immediately.”—Adam Urbanski, Marketing Mentors

“BrandU showed me that my brand is intrinsic to who I am and what I aspire to at the deepest levels – it’s not about ‘making it up’ but about ‘uncovering it’.”—Audrey Philpot

“BrandU should be required education for businesses and entrepreneurs. I gained more clarity in one day than I’ve gotten in any other course. Don’t bother looking for this information elsewhere. Why Communications has set the standard!”—Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Red Hot Copy

“Everyone in the room got chills when I said aloud for the first time what I really do – I felt my entire life’s purpose come into fruition.”—Rachel Caplin, Curvolution

“A simple, straight-forward process to get to the nuts and bolts of the branding process.”—Dee E. Bearman

“The workshop was truly an amazing process. I definitely feel that this is only the beginning of making my company’s mark and putting it out to the universe.”—Nora Wallace Walsh, Vice President of Women’s Referral Service

“This workshop takes a vast amount of information on branding and condenses it into a thought-challenging fun filled day of intense learning. Nothing compares to this anywhere.”—Gary Knight, Shared Vision – San Diego

“I went from a brand worrier to a Brand Warrior in one day! Thank you BrandU!!”—Matthew Brown, coach

“BrandU married my 2 passions and helped me create a focused “brand” plan for the future.”—Sheryl Carlin

“BrandU is a great process for clarifying what can be one of the most tedious and frustrating processes for entrepreneurs. Kim actually made it fun!”—Debra Lindegren, Personal Coach

“BrandU put me in touch with my power so I can fuel me dreams. Thank you!”—Ruth Sanchez

“I work with a wonderful “parent” company as an independent wellness consultant and yet want my own words to express my passion & conviction. BrandU has helped me develop more clarity to better connect with my market.”
—Kathryn Ferrell

“BrandU’s step-by-step process lead me through the murky waters of my new business vision to one of clarity and empowerment. I am now on the road to launching a successful business thanks to Kim and the BrandU team!”
—Marie Healy

“Today was a wonderful opportunity to create more clarity, see where further work is needed and create a foundation to spring from.”—Deborah Pietsch

“You’ve enlightened me – I never dug deep enough to find out what I’m really trying to convey to the world until I went to BrandU.”—Bernadette Antonino

“BrandU is organized, inspiring, clear, well presented, fun & funny! I really enjoyed the day and am grateful for the new way of looking at my business!!”
– Marion Mayer

“Branding was always a mystery to me. I now have a clear path I can take to get my company to the next level. Thanks! (PS. And it was FUN!)”—Madeleine LaFontaine

“If entrepreneurs are not clear about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, all of the marketing efforts will produce only chaos. BrandU gave me that clarity.”—Marcia Torrey-Jay

“When I came to the workshop I thought I would be developing a tagline or some marketing materials. What I gained instead was the fuel that will propel my business branding forward. Thanks so much for the direction.”
—Candis Ross

“I was able to get to a statement that carries a lot of personal strength in my new direction. -Joan Friedlander Thank you! The energy from this workshop will help continue the transformation – the process of discovery.”
– Shari Frank

“Every business owner should experience BrandU.”—Ilan Mandel, Teract Technologies

“In the world of dieting and cutting carbs, the BrandU workshop inspired me to get myself and my business fit and trim. Thanks!”—David Kloser, Life Skills Coach

“BrandU brings your brand to life.”—Jill Redfern

“BrandU is unique & different from others in that it helps you participate, experience and think through group exercises in order to put the content learned into action! You leave feeling empowered regarding your purpose in life!”—Laura Dunn

“To participate with the energy and enthusiasm of Kim Castle and her staff is a privilege and an honor of an opening of my spirit.”—Marci’a Rudolph

“It’s absolutely amazing how the precise questions used in BrandU reach deep down inside you to help you find your brand.”—Lynn Pierce, Sales Therapist

“I came in confused…I left clear.”—Jacki Houghton

“I was able to confirm and better understand branding and then take it to the next level. Kim and Vito really forced me to have no stone unturned.”—Christi Williford, Elemental Design Studio

“I feel stronger. I finally have an inner foundation on which to build my business.”—Mawiyah Clayborne, PhD, Speaker, Author, Consultant

“What a wonderful gift Kim has of waking up your inner passion and presenting your gifts to the world. The BrandU process is a powerful way to establish your brand so your target audience can actually see you!”
Melanie Benson Strick, Success Connections