These Terms and Conditions cover Intention Products, LLC of Nevada USA and any associated company, partner or productline, recognized as BrandU®, Interprise™, Kim Castle, naked kim™, or Lifelicious™ (referred to herein as IP) as appropriate to your (referred to herein as MEMBER) transaction. We strive to answer all Member Care tickets and phone messages within forty-eight (48) business hours (weekends and holidays excluded).


All products, programs, courses, workshops, events and services purchased are FINAL and there are NO REFUNDS. Products such as clothing, houseware, art, etc. will be replaced based on manufacturer defective is necessary. There are extensive support and upgrade programs, read the specific details for the programs of your interest below. The Member is making an freely independent decision to purchase understanding the negative impact for non-payment as reported by Consumer Credit Reporting agencies and that Credit Card Fraud is a criminal offense in any country.

It is the MEMBER’S sole responsibility to have, maintain and use a computer that is considered customary and standard complete with a browser, Internet connection, free version of Flash, free version of QuickTime, and free version of Acrobat Reader to participate in products and programs offered.

MEMBERS are solely and wholly responsible for any decisions made or actions taken or initiated by them that may be motivated by or as a result of any materials, mentoring, coaching and advice received. IP does not warrant or guarantee that any specific level of success or achievement will be attained.

Possession, participation or use of any book, content or program does NOT give the MEMBER rights to use any process or its steps with its clients to develop communications or a business, or to derive income using this process as the source. All products, services, courses, programs, workshops or events are sold with the understanding that IP is not engaged in rendering legal, medical, financial services. If legal or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

A.  Ordering

  1. If free shipping is indicated when purchasing any product, that product will be shipped ground or surface transportation, and free shipping is not available outside of North America. Regardless of the method of shipment, paid or free, international tariffs or brokerage fees are not included and are the responsibility of the MEMBER.
  2. Every effort will be made to process your order within twenty-four (24) hours if received by 11:00 AM PT and based on availability unless an out of stock condition exists, all others will be shipped within forty-eight 48 hours, weekends and holidays excluded, after which delivery will be based on the shipping service that you’ve selected. The shipping duration will be based on availability, the carrier and shipping method you select. If shipping is delayed or lost due to inaccurate or incomplete customer information, the customer must place a new order. Otherwise, if shipping is delayed or lost due to the carrier or processing, we will replace the order and ship it at no cost to the customer.
  3. If your order is International or ships to an address different than the billing address, you are required to fax a note referencing your order no. and authorizing the alternate shipping address. In addition, include a copy of the front and back of the credit card and fax to 01-310-827-9720.
  4. Order data and information entered via the web site is the sole responsibility of the MEMBER. We can not guarantee that any emailed or faxed shipping addresses will be changed prior to shipment. Any shipping delays and costs for re-direction or re-shipping including product cost is the responsibility of the MEMBER. We can not guarantee email or fax delivery of any notice, and our non-receipt is not a reason for a refund. Call 01-310-827-9720 x202 if you suspect that you are not receiving notices.
  5. If a payment plan is chosen for any product or service and any of the scheduled payments are not received, we reserve the right to refuse entry into any online support, tele-class, tele-course or one-on-one meetings that may be a part of the product or service. Once all payments have been made entry will resume.

B.  Products

  1. Merchandize is 100% guaranteed against defects in workmanship. Our guarantee allows the customer to return merchandise within fifteen (15) days of shipment from our facility for a reprint or replacement.??Reprints or replacement will be granted for:
    Misplaced printing position
    Wrong color printed (customers must specify color when submitting artwork, if an exact color is needed a PMS color match must be requested)
    Poor quality of actual garments
    Wrong garments used, style or color
    Wrong design printed
  2. Refund and reprints will not be granted for:
    Damage in shipping
    Wrong size ordered or garment sizing
    Color discrepancies
  3. All printed merchandise is the exclusive copyright of Castle Montone, Limited. All rights are reserved worldwide. It is strictly prohibited to redistribute, copy or republish any of the material and art sold on web site and/or its subsidiaries (referred to herein as IP).

C. Programs

  1. All physical books, workbooks, CDs, etc., are 100% guaranteed against defects in workmanship. Please notify us within five (5) business days, excluding Sundays and holidays, of receipt of any product’s defects so that we may replace the products at no cost to you.
  2. In unlikely event of damage during shipment or receipt of the wrong product, please contact Vervante at or call 01-888-845-4992. Once your order is confirmed, a replacement will be shipped. You are required to return the damaged product to:
    Intention Products, LLC
    c/o W. Vito Montone
    8 23rd Avenue, Suite 302
    Venice, CA 90291
  3. If the damage product is not received within thirty (30) days you will be charged for the replacement shipment.
  4. Brandstorms™ and Private Mentoring Sessions are offered as non-legal, non-accounting, non-medical advice and counsel in matters of creativity, communications, branding, marketing, productization, advertising, and business development & management. Any scheduled sessions canceled in less than 24-hours beforehand will result in forfeit of the time booked whether paid for or gifted. If appropriate the MEMBER will be billed for the canceled session. All Brandstorms™ and Private Mentoring Sessions must be used within one year from sign-up and are non-transferable, non-refundable, unless expressly defined to the contrary in writing.
  5. Anyone transferring from one tele-class, tele-course or program to another will be charged a $50 transfer fee, due and payable at the time of the request.
  6. Lifetime On-line Support is defined as continuous access to the Member section of provided that a Member’s account is fully paid in accordance to the payment plan, if any, of the original purchase, AND that the program continues to available through the Internet via any distribution company purchased prior to August 31, 2010. Should the program purchased cease to be available for any reason Lifetime On-line Support shall expire.

D. Workshops, Intensives and Events

  1. Orders received at live events are considered final unless the agreement is canceled within three (3) business days from the order date (excluding Sundays and holidays). The cancellation must be a signed and dated request by YOU stating that you are canceling the agreement as executed, and must be received by contect information below within three (3) business days from the order date (excluding Sundays and holidays). Once any and all materials are returned in unopened, unused and in resalable condition a refund will be processed. Should any of the materials returned are not unopened, unused and in resalable condition a refund will be processed less the replacement cost. The refund may take up to two (2) billings cycles to appear on your statement.
  2. Any workshop or seminar must be paid in full or current in the payment plan a minimum of two (2) business days prior to the desired workshop or seminar. All workshop or seminar fees are non-refundable but can be transferred to another workshop or seminar date if notified ten (10) business days prior to the original workshop or seminar. Otherwise any workshop or seminar fee cannot be transferred, and is non-refundable.
  3. Anyone transferring from one workshop to another will be charged a $50 transfer fee, due and payable at the time of the request. All transfers expire within one (1) calendar year from the original date of purchase.
  4. All special pricing offered and committed to at any workshop must be paid within two (2) business days. Otherwise, the regular retail prices published on this site shall prevail. Any special pricing products or services can be purchased, paid for and used for up to six (6) months in the future.
  5. All products and services purchased at an event or workshop produced by us or any other promoter are considered final unless the agreement is canceled within two (2) business days from the order date (excluding Sundays and holidays). The cancellation must be a signed and dated request by you, the buyer, stating that you are canceling the agreement as executed and must be received by mail, support form, or fax (01-310-827-9720) within two (2) business days from the order date.
  6. By attending a workshop or tele-class or participating in a testimonial acquisition program, you agree to grant the use of your likeness or voice or text quote for promotional use of any process or program. You further agree that all right, title to, and interest in films, videotapes, photographs, recordings and transcripts of your appearance, voice and words, as well as any and all elements thereof shall be IP’s sole and exclusive property, including, without limitation, the right to edit, copy, exhibit, transmit, perform, license, sell and otherwise exploit all or any portion thereof in any and all media, whether now or hereafter known, throughout the world in perpetuity, without restriction or limitation. Wherever possible, your likeness, voice or text will be credited with your name, business or website. If you see the use of your likeness or voice or text quote, and would prefer that it not be credited with your name, business or website just contact us at, or fax us at 01-310-827-9720 and let us know.
  7. Any previous fully paid attendee may personally attend the same workshop for 50% of the current fee. This benefit is non-transferable.

E. Mentorship

  1. Mentorship is extremely limited and by application only, and is renewed annually by invitation only.
  2. All Mentorship is for a fixed period of twelve (12) months.
  3. MEMBERS agree to avail of and pay for, the complete Mentorship. Once Mentorship is full, approved applicants will be put on our waiting list until an existing member departs.
  4. Mentorship fees are payable in advance and may be paid in a single payment or consecutive monthly payments as determined by each program. Paying monthly by installments does not entitle the MEMBER to terminate this agreement, except in the circumstances set out below. If payments are not made in accordance with the agreement, all services will halt and all necessary action will be taken, at the MEMBER’S cost, to collect the unpaid fees, including but not limited to interest and penalties, Collection Agency fees, tracing fees, legal fees and any additional costs pertaining to the outstanding debt.
  5. Mentorship fees may increase after the end of the initial Mentorship period but no more than once in each year. We will give MEMBERS one month’s notice in writing of any proposed increase in the Mentorship fee at the same time that an invitation is issued to renew Mentorship. If the MEMBER does not agree to pay the new fee, the MEMBER may not accept the invitation to continue Mentorship therefore canceling any further payments.
  6. Mentorship may be terminated ONLY when the MEMBER provides all details which were false when applying for Mentorship and how the false declarations would have reasonably affected our decision to grant a Mentorship. If termination is permitted, all time spent with the MEMBER, for any purpose, will be billed at the rate of $1,500 per hour plus a cancellation penalty of $5,000 will be accessed against payments made up to date of the termination’s acceptance.

F. Interprise Accelerator™

  1. Interprise Accelerator™ extremely valuable programs, by invitation only, for a limited number of Members, and the application fee is applicable to the program costs.
  2. As part of, and central to, the Interprise Accelerator™ MEMBERS will receive valuable written and digital materials and curriculum materials (workbooks, guides, CDs and online access, etc) that are worth $2,497.00 complete with six (6) months on-line support.
  3. The program is subject a specific and separate program agreement.
  4. The project engagement is for a fixed period of six (6) months and is not cancelable.
  5. MEMBERS agree to avail themselves of and pay for, the complete program. Once a “cycle” enrollment is full, approved applicants will be put on our waiting list for the next open cycle.
  6. Budget and fees may increase at IP’s sole discretion, but not during a started project.
  7. The program Member is expected to participate fully in the e-Journal online video feature, and hereby grants perpetual permission to use all video submitted and the Members name and likeness at IP’s sole discretion.
  8. The MEMBER can request that a co-founder/partner participate in the program, and must complete and be bound by the separate Partner Participation Agreement. Acceptance is at the sole discretion of IP.
  9. There is no unilateral right by a Member to terminate enrollment in the Interprise Accelerator™ program.
  10. There are no makeup sessions for cancellations or no shows of any appointment that extends the term of the engagement.

G. Kim Castle and naked kim™

  1. Naked Kim is a recurring subscription service paid automatically each month or year based on the MEMBER preference.
  2. The MEMBERS agree that duplication and distribution of any video on is strictly prohibited.
  3. The Naked Kim recurring subscription can be canceled at any time in your online account or by calling or faxing the contact information below. There are no refunds.

H. Consulting

  1. The consultative services of Kim Castle as Creative Director and W. Vito Montone as Executive Producer can be engaged separately or together in the following programs:
  2. Consultancy Programs
  3. Twelve (12) hours of scheduled and on-demand consultive hours are available to review or guide or plan products, campaigns or media properties in packages spanning:
    • 45-Days
    • 90-Days
    • 180-Days
  4. All time must be used in the period allocated, and does not accumulate or roll-forward. There are no makeup sessions for cancellations or no shows of any appointment.
  5. If payment is not made as agreed, all support ceases.

I. Guarantees

Our philosophy on money-back guarantees differs from most companies—we believe that the truest path to multi-million dollar success is held in taking full responsibility for ALL of the results in your business. That means you. And we provide how-to-do-it processes, which won’t work without you.

  1. Any MEMBER can receive a 100% credit less shipping, handling and taxes of any Program if they upgrade to an eligible upgrade program within one (1) calendar year from purchase. A 50% credit less shipping, handling and taxes is available if upgrade is more than one (1) calendar year from original purchase. Qualifying eligible programs are:
    1. Biz180: New Customer Attraction qualifies for credit upgrade Guarantee to the Plot Your Course
    2. Individual physical PowerPath Home Study Program or Brand Power Home Study Program or Market Power Home Study Program qualifies for credit upgrade to the Business Profit System Home Study Program;
    3. Home Study Program or Digital Edition Home Study Program qualifies for the credit upgrade to Diamond Private Mentorship;
    4. Home Study Program or Digital Home Study Program qualifies for the credit upgrade to Interprise Business Incubator;
    5. Brand Strategy or Private Mentoring qualifies for the credit upgrade to Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald Private Mentorship or Interprise Business Incubator.
  2. The amount paid less shipping and tax for paid qualifying product is refunded when qualifying upgrade product is paid in full.
  3. Special offers can not be combined with any guarantee.
  4. Intensives—Our Intensive live events have a 150% Commitment Guarantee—we give you more than money, we give you ourselves. If you actively participate each day as if you are building a multi-million-dollar business, and ask all the questions that come up throughout the intensive, if you honestly feel that we didn’t answer all of your questions during our time together, and you let us know BEFORE the Intensive ENDS, you will receive up to three (3) hours of private phone consulting to make sure your complete all your work (a value of $4,500).


If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Terms and Conditions and/or practices, please contact us at:

Intention Products, LLC
723 S. Casino Center Blvd., Floor 2
Las Vegas, NV 89101
US: 800-457-9713 x202, 800-457-9713 fax
INTL: 01-301-827-9720 x202, 01-301-827-9720 fax

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