Video is Your Future


No matter where you turn, video is the future.

Look at the smart devices we use, the Internet infrastructure advances, the shifting digital landscape from studios or independents, and the power YouTube has put directly in the hands of individuals and businesses.

And I’m not speaking about just about using a video on a web site home page…it’s demonstrations, education, edutainment, branded messaging and shows in a variety of lengths that get search ranking preference and higher levels of people engagement.

So whether your business is creating entertainment or one that sells product or services—stories told using video is king.

Have you heard of a little product called BlendTec?

There is a good chance you’ve seen their “Will It Blend” show. As of March 2013, this series of simple videos had collected nearly a 300 million views on YouTube and over 600,000 subscribers. The company enjoyed millions of dollars in free coverage winning awards and making the media rounds from their simple and playful product demonstration videos. According to the Tom, it’s had an amazing financial impact as well. Because of “Will It Blend” I own a Blendtec…I used to have a VitaMix.

So worse case YouTube is a “gate-less” content and audience development opportunity. Best case, it will generate revenue out of the gate neutralizing the development and production costs plus increase your sales!

If that is if you do it right…and now.

To be successful in the direct digital landscape you need to have equal parts content creativity, production savvy, and business development. Seems fitting. 

So your development process must simultaneously address: 

  • Content Creation
  • Production Methodology
  • Business Development

In either case, it will all start by defining or uncovering your personal or small business core or essence. If you have it already great, schedule a meeting here to see if we are for together. Otherwise, you can use our brand creation process as perfect way to uncover and articulate the brand essence and create your brand bible.

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